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Meeting Space

Designer : Eren Hatice Gedik
Consultant: Sevince Bayrak
Location: Kurtuluş, Şişli/İstanbul

There was an existing playground inside the project area. In addition, there was a school and a sports field around it. Based on these contexts, I designed a library in the remaining area without interfering with the existing playground and green boolean.

Meeting Space.png

The small size of the area and the high building next to it caused me to solve the whole interior system in a single wall. I tried to sharpen each layer by sliding it back and forth. I tried to make each solid clear by sliding it back and forth. Thus, the facade of the building had shaped. Bookshelves became the primary determinant of interior design. My goal here was to use the shelves as an extension of the wall. I also placed tables with seating elements between them. These made it a living place. 

When you enter through the main gate, you are faced with a consultant, a mini cafe, and a long corridor. We can call it social space. On the second floor, there are co-working sections and tables where group workshops are held. The shelves that cover the entire wall continue with you at every exit to the upper floor. There is also an elevator for the disabled in the middle of the level. When you go up the stairs to the top level, there are quiet working areas.

meeting space-model (dragged) 2.jpg
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