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Mediterranea Triangle

4th International Antalya Architecture Biennial (IABA)

Location: Antalya
Type: Public Installation
Design and Construction Team: Aras Kalkan, Ayberk Özdemir, Dilşat Turna, Eren Hatice Gedik, Gamze Adıgüzel, Merve Akdoğan,  Osman Faruk Akkum, Rumeysa Aksoy, Serpil Kardaş, Şengül Has
Consultant: SO? Architecture & Ideas 
Material Sponsor: Asmaz Ahşap

The Mediterranean Triangle is a structure made entirely of wood, designed to test the spatial power of the lake in one of the points of Antalya’s Mediterranean Sae. Wooden triangles, which cause changing light and shadows, cooperate with the two trees that are placed between the two trees, aiming to reproduce the relations that a public place can establish with humans, the sun, the sky, and the landscape.


Structures 180 pieces 60 mm X 80 mm sections GL24h strength grade imported duo structural Lamine wooden profiles are made up of special spax screws for wood and the resultant equilateral triangles are formed by being rotated around the same axis with a 4-degree angle. It stands with its own weight on the ground. Once the structure has completed the lifetime of the Mirador, it will be disassembled under the MEF FADA Design and Build Studio and used for other projects.

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