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Consultant: Imre Hadi

Material Sponsor: MEF FADA

Design and Construction Team: Aybike Senkaya, Eren Hatice Gedik, Gulfem Bayraktar, Kubra Erguvan, Kursat Apaydın, Nagehan Taviloglu, Serpil Kardaş

Fo-tabura is a hexagonal module that is a combination of chair and table functions. The aim was to combine several of these models to create multi-purpose and diverse social spaces. In factory production, we made one and one-scale module structures from wooden materials. The structure is made from steel box profiles, and oak plywood plates used on the table.

INT 434 -Final Pafta.-2 kopya kopyası 3.jpg
INT 434 -Final Pafta.-2 kopya kopyası 2.jpg
INT 434 -Final Pafta.-2 kopya kopyası.jpg
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