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Advisor: Ozan Avcı

Designer: Eren Hatice Gedik

Firstly, "How can the historical buildings in the Bosphorus be transformed into a performative structure?" I started with the question. Also, what did performative mean?"Performance is an intervention in which consciousness determines between body and space, but sometimes consciousness is surrendered to the reality of the body but is built in any case. "(1)

In this definition, he emphasized that performance is a process experience. Experience also arises from a human's action in space. The question came to my mind, can the performance of the place by the movement of the building? Based on this question, I decided to design the space in a linear, fluid form for the project.

The project area is Elephant warehouse. This place locates between Çengelköy and Vaniliköy. The historical building with old walls. These are the walls of the old elephant stables. In my design, I brought together the old and the new without interfering. So I decided to create a performative space where the body has a timely effect on how it intervenes in place. In other words, I made my design decision considering body-space-time. First of all, I started with the question of how to transform the historical buildings in the Bosphorus into a performative structure.

1-Performans Olgusu Bağlamında Beden Mekan Iliskilerinin Araştırılması, Damla Duru,Master Thesis, ITU, 2015

Fluxus portfolio.jpg
Fluxus portfolio.jpg

Historical Space Analysis
2-Heat insulation
4-Steel joinery


Wall Material Analysis
1-Open joint acrylic panels
2-Under-facade lighting
3-Support for panels
4-Synthetic Membrance
5-Foamglass Insulation
6-Synthetic Membrance
7-Close cell stell decking
8-Steel space frame


Facade Structure

1-Synthetic Membrance
2-Supporting framework, primary steel truss
3-Close cell steel decking
4-Foamglass insulation
5-Under facade lighting
6-Sprinkler nozzle


Major Building Material Analysis

1-Steel(use the facade and flooring)
2-Glass(use the historical part cover)
3-Plastic(the facade)

Short Section.png
Long section.png
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