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Stuffed Cast Workshop

Advisor: Nilüfer Kozikoğlu

Material Sponsor: MEF FADA

Design and Construction Team: Aleyna Vardar, Ceren Kaya, Eren Hatice Gedik, Yagmur Cebeci.

Stuff Cast was a three-day workshop. We designed it with computer-aided architectural design and analog tools to explore how to build a new model. Firstly, we started by considering the seating function, then creating a form suitable for this function. Then we wanted this form not to be limited only by this seating function. For that reason, we tried to design a more fluid form that could shape according to the user's desire in the Rhino program. Then, we created fabric molds according to the surfaces of the form. Later, we inserted it into the cube we made of wood in three dimensions with the help of ropes. In the last stage, we brought the fabric pieces together with the concrete we prepared on top of them, and after they dried, we removed the fabric molds. As a result, we created a 1: 1 scale model.

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